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Who's Plican?

Plican's Services

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Who's Plican?

Plican's Services

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Plican is a team of Web Developers and Online Marketers based in Vienna

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Plican's Services


Website Building

Plican will establish your customized webpage with an effective and yet minimalistic approach. Our professional webpages are built editable for you, making maintenance and dependence on developers redundant. You're in full control.


Branding & Design

You are unsure how to brand your business online? No worries! We will consult you on online appearance, branding and psychology of colors. Plican will create a webpage, that communicates well with the audience through a strong visual identity and an unique UI experience.


SEO Tools

We equip your webpage, already existing one, or built by Plican, with the necessary SEO tools needed to become and stay relevant online. We implement marketing tools, such as google analytics, which will give you insights and power to address your clients.


Web Applications

Does your start-up need an MVP or do you want to have an interactive app for your business? Plican codes your customized software efficiently and user-friendly, thus lifting your business to the next level.

Who's Plican?

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Latest projects

webpage discomfortzone

The Discomfort Zone

The Discomfort Zone is an interactive web application, which allows users to connect with like-minded people and attend events which are out of their comfort zone. Plican developed and designed the application with ruby on rails.

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webpage arc

ARC Events

Absolute Return Consulting is an Austrian investment advisor and fond selector. In order to stay connected with potential clients in times of corona, ARC needed a professional in-house platform to host events and presentations. Plican designed a clean webpage with a smart UI and established "Arcevents".

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webpage bukephalos


Bukephalos is a freshly founded Viennese company, which is all about investment strategies and financial knowledge. In this project, Plican contributed crucially in branding, design and the cooperate identity, besides developing the webpage. Check out one of their weekly blog-posts, which are supported by an easily usable CMS system.

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Our mission is to establish flawless & effective online presences, thus letting you focus on your core business.

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